You Heard it Here First

THE European Union – an OxyMORON

Michael Barmier is, apparently, in charge of the EU side of exit negotiations. Really? I could have sworn that the EU was bun by and for the convenience of Germany and France.  Ask any Greek or Italian. So far, there has not been any adverse financial impact upon the German car industry or the French wine industry – maybe there’s a message there? The UK is the EU’s biggest customer. Neither Merkel nor Macron will do anything to jeopardise that. Problem solved.

As for Barmier, his regain about ‘lack of progress’ is more and more like ‘The Ode to Joy’ as sung by Beaker of the Muppets – it’s all about ME And like Beaker’s endeavours it too will come to grief

Anyone who has bought or sold a car or house or been divorced will realise that all negotiations take it up to the line. and that NOTHING is fully resolved until EVERYTHING is fully resolved. Of course the money and trade deal in question do not directly effect Mr Barmier’s salary so why the hell should he care. No sum for british exit will be agreed until the trade deal has been agreed – get over it. But while we are on the subject of the sum of money involved, where does Barmier get his figures from? The EU budgetary audit has been unable to sign off the EU annual accounts for the last twenty plus years due to massive endemic fraud, Say no more. I wonder what amount of money the UK asked Europe to pay when we stood alone against the Nazis?  he should stick to dreams of an EU Army. What the hell happens to NATO? Since the vast majority of EU members fall far short of the two percent GHDP investment in the military already, Barmier should have just enough money for a pretty uniform, lots of medals and a wooden catapult. Putin must be shaking in his boots – with laughter.

Much nearer to home is the matter of Catalan, Spain and the Spanish Civil War, Round Two. Win, lose or draw, what happens if the new state is recognised by Russia? Or North Korea? Or Iran? What if they agree to drop their support for a free hand in Belarus or South Korea or the Middle East. But meanwhile the EU fiddles while there Roman Empire burns,

Not forgetting Poland, Hungary, and Immigration. Whoopee!

On the subject of North Korea, the world press seem to be as wrong as ever. It is not a problem for the USA but for China. Just like Dr Frankenstein was killed by his creation, it is China who now has the problem. What if the next bomb test sets off an earthquake near a major Chinese dam? What id a defective bomb explodes in North Korea and the prevailing wind send a radioactive dust cloud over the Chinese seaboard and industrial area – no more exports for up to two hundred years. Or what happens if the cloud blows over India or Russia. Neither country will be fobbed off by North Koreas playing the fall guy!!!

And all the time Barmier continues as the headmistress manqué marking GB five out of ten for effort but only two out of ten for content. Dream on.

copyright John J McCabe