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MacBastard here. Doesn’t the McCabe have a way with nicknames.

You probably didn’t know about McCabe’s worshiping of the the great God Ludd. Get it? He’s a Luddite.

He just said, “they were commies!”

I say, “if the cap fits …”

JJMcC replied “you’ll avoid babies. ha! ha!”

I’m now certain he suffers from a hard to diagnose form of dementedness, for which euthanasia might be an excellent and guaranteed cure.

Any way, I was summoned to sort out another of his computing catastrophes and, in doing that, my reward is, in no particular order (as the liars on Strictly Come Dancing say):

  • a mug of overly white tea
  • a few biscuits
  • brief thanks, and most importantly…
  • eternal admiration thinly disguised as highly personal abuse

Mac-SmilerIf you would prefer to read an alternative to this stuff, here’s a link to my site (not sh*ite as my dear host proclaims). No mention of knicker elastic anywhere, guaranteed.

If you like McCabe’s writing, “and the nurse lets you search for an alternative,” why not drop in and read there’s blushing and there’s BLUSHING.

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